HydroMassage relief

Water Massage for Wellness & Recover

Water massage provides a hands-free massage to give you comfort and relief. With HydroMassage, there’s no immersion in water. Instead, the massage is received from water jets through a lounge chair/table.

Loosen Tight Muscles & Relax

For those with headaches, neck pain, sore backs, muscle soreness, and minor aches and pains, this relaxing message therapy loosens your tight muscles so you can feel refreshed.

Destress Your Body

With the use of water jets, you also experience the release of tension, anxiety and stress in your body.

HydroMassage for Athletes

An excellent therapy for athletes and weekend warriors, this unique form of water massage helps rejuvenate muscle fatigue and soreness.

HydroMassage for the Elderly

For the elderly who suffer from achy joints and circulation issues, water massage reaches trigger areas to provide relief.

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