Charting Your Way Back to Good Health

We pride ourselves in being able to provide our patients with excellent treatment, for a fair and affordable price. At Back N’ Balance, we won’t keep you coming back forever. Our goal is to fix you as quickly as possible and give you the tools and knowledge to keep feeling good on your own.


All of our doctors are Palmer College of Chiropractic graduates and utilize Palmer package adjusting techniques. Our office has many types of treatments for drug free pain relief. Every patient is given personalized care to match their condition.

Our services include …
  • CHIROPRACTIC – Spinal manipulation is our primary service at Back N’ Balance. Our doctors utilize the following adjusting techniques: Diversified, Flexion Distraction, Thompson Drop, Gonstead, as well as light force techniques including Arthrostim and soft tissue mobilization. We also offer spinal decompression when necessary for pinched nerves.
  • ACUPUNCTURE – Ideally, energy moves freely through the body. Many common health complaints can be linked back to either a deficiency or stasis of energy in the body, impacting your body’s musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, and immune systems. Acupuncture can help move this energy keeping your systems functioning properly. Acupuncture is an ideal treatment for chronic pain, when other options like anti-inflammatory medications are no longer an option.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY – Massage can relieve tension, stress, muscle strain, and spasms. It stimulates healing blood supply to circulate back into problem zones while improving skin and muscle tone. Massage treatments help relieve or prevent physical dysfunction and pain, improve circulation, and reduce overall stress. Massage establishment license MM39161. 
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY– In order to deliver effective treatment, it is sometimes necessary to use physical therapy modalities like ultrasound and muscle stimulation alongside adjustments and exercise. Our chiropractors use these therapies as needed to make your treatments as comfortable and effective as possible.
  • DEEP LASER THERAPY – Our office offers deep laser therapy from our LightForce XLi 40 Watt Laser. Laser Therapy is an FDA cleared modality that reduces inflammation and pain. The therapy is effective for treating acute and chronic conditions. Treatments last 5-10 minutes with patients typically seeing results in 3-5 treatments. Click here to learn more about our laser. 
  • DRY NEEDLING – Trigger point dry needling is an acupuncture technique used primarily for muscle pain. When muscles are overused or tight from poor posture painful knots called trigger points can develop. Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to diffuse muscle knot tension and relieve pain.
  • REHABILITATION –Every new patient to our office will be encouraged to exercise and move. In order to return to the activities you enjoy most, it’s important to follow an exercise and rehabilitation program. Our office will provide you with lifestyle guidance including do’s and don’ts for your condition, stretches, exercises, and any other supports you may need. Sometimes, the right pillow or customized foot orthotics can make all the difference!
  • DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (DOT) PHYSICALS – If you have your CDL, you’re required to have a physical exam every two years. We are certified to perform this exam for the State of Florida.

Our Mission

At Back N’ Balance, our focus is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation from back and neck injuries. Through a unique blend of evidence based and alternative medicine – our goal is to help restore function and prevent opioid dependence.

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Helping You

The care that you receive is designed for you, as an individual. We work in a very relaxed atmosphere, striving to make you feel comfortable and part of the Back N’ Balance family. In addition to relieving your pain and discomfort, we’ll help you understand your conditions with a larger vision of optimal health. When you are a partner in your own healing, not only will you eliminate pain, you’ll restore your overall quality of life.

We’re happy to guide you on the road to health and answer any questions you may have, just give us a call.