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Dr. Ross is awesome! My neck had been bothering me for almost a week, and I was a little scared to get an adjustment because of negative past experience, but Dr. Ross examined the problem, knew exactly where it was and did gentle adjustments that relieved the pain right away.

-Alisa Summer Guo, Dunedin, FL

A recently transplant to Dunedin after leaving a stressful job that put a lot of strain on my lower back.. (think hunched over a desk or sitting in a car for hours at a time) my body needed some help! Was SO excited when I met doctor Ross. From figuring out what my insurance was going to cover, to a thorough assessment of potential issues..including the everyday things like hydration and nutrition, I knew I had found a great practice from the very start. Dr. Ross is passionate about both chiropractic care and helping people by giving them tools to live a balanced and healthy life. If you need some help working out the kinks to let you body start healing itself, look no further than Dr. Ross at Back N Balance.

-Lori Auguste, Dunedin, FL

“I never had any type of chiropractic treatment before I went to see Dr. Snair. She did a comprehensive assessment of my body structure, complete with a full spine x-ray, which revealed a prior spine injury of which I was completely unaware.

Just knowing this has helped me protect my spine and take better care of myself. I love the wide array of wellness services offered by her office and have since taken advantage of many of them. Dr. Pat has a special gift when it comes to caring for people.”

– Jamie Everett, Dunedin, FL

“I first came to see Dr. Snair over ten years ago. Referred by a family member, I was eight months pregnant. My baby had been sitting on my sciatic nerve for over week. By this time I was not able to walk and in severe pain. My midwife at the time had tried several different things to relieve this pressure including massage therapy.

In only one visit with Dr. Snair, I felt an immediate difference and was able to walk. I continued to see Dr. Snair throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I first took my child to Dr. Snair when he was 18 months old. He already had experienced several ear infections by that time. He is now 10 years old and seeing Dr. Snair on a regular basis, I have noticed a significant decrease in ear and sinus infections and over all well being.”

-Anna Fracassi, Dunedin, FL

“When I painfully discovered that I had the dreaded shingles, I came to Dr. Snair for laser therapy. After one treatment I felt much better, after five treatments I was pain free.”

-B.H , Dunedin, FL

“I would like to tell you how much I appreciate all that you and your staff have done to help me start living a productive life again. For the first time in years I can now grocery shop, cook, and play with my grandchildren without suffering from pain. I am able to lead a normal life.

With no relief after numerous cortisone shots, pain patches, pain medication, and physical therapy I was scheduled for orthopedic surgery on my knee. By giving you and your staff the opportunity to help me through non-surgical means, I not only am better but was able to cancel the surgery altogether.”

-Bonnie Conrad, Palm Harbor, FL

“I have had very little back trouble in my 61 years, but following a recent 500 mile driving trip to Ft Lauderdale and back, my body looked like a question mark.

Four visits later and I was back to an explanation point straight as a dye!”

– Bill Harber, Dunedin, FL

"Ariya made sure the massage I received was very therapeutic. She asked all the right questions and was able to focus on my shoulder and neck trouble spots. I have lived with discomfort in these areas for a long time. Her techniques were effective at releasing the pain from my muscles, thus making the quality of my life better now, because I feel better."

-Sue Krivanek

"I received a one-hour pregnancy massage from Ariya every other week throughout my pregnancy during 2010. I allowed myself this luxury during such a special time and it was worth it! Ariya was able to tailor the massage to meet my needs of my ever-changing body at each visit with special attention given to my baby in-utero. The massage not only helped relieve stress in my hips, lower back, legs, but it also allowed time for me to focus on connecting with the baby growing inside me. I would leave Ariya feeling relaxed in mind, body, and soul and I feel my baby received the same benefits."

-Heather Vonoesen Dean

"Ariya Coppock provides the most thorough massage that leaves me lingering in relaxation for hours after. She has an amazing technique that revitalizes all my aching muscles and soothes my soul. I look forward to any opportunity to get a massage from her and recommend her to all of my friends!"

-Heather Anne Breshnahan

This is a letter of recommendation for Back N Balance and to support chiropractic and functional neurology in general. I am writing this because I am so very thankful for the help I have received there and for the relief of my suffering.

I had been suffering from various health ailments for a long time. More recently though, my cognition started to decline greatly. I noticed that I could no longer do math problems that I could once do and my ability to write and read were noticeably declining as well.

In October 2013, I was at my wits ends when I came to Dr. Mark Gallant at BNB. I have always been a stellar student with a very high GPA and never struggled in school. I’m in medical school now, and all of a sudden I noticed that the subtle cognitive decline that I had had was much worse. I could no longer focus for more than a few seconds at a time and I found that I could no longer read. It’s not that I forgot how to read, but rather, it was such a painstaking process that it became impossible. I had to write down every single word as I would go through a sentence to try to put it all together and as I would finish the sentence and finally make sense of it, I would immediately forget what it was about.

It is an incredibly frightening thing to watch your livelihood and your mind slip away from you and not be able to do anything about it. More than that, I love learning for the sake of learning and to lose the ability to participate in the activity that brings me the most joy was intensely depressing.

By my second treatment with Dr. Gallant I was incredibly overjoyed to find that I was able to read like I hadn’t been able to in a long time. I was able to read sentences again without having able to write every word down. More than that, I was able to remember what I had actually read!!! All of the suffering that I went through, the painstaking hours of trying to get through such a small amount of material when I used to consume volumes of information, I cannot imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t of gotten help when I did. It is even worse to think of what would have happened if I hadn’t found a place that specialized in functional neurology.

More than just helping me be able to read and focus again. I noticed some of my metabolic problems improved greatly after my treatments with Dr. Gallant. I have trouble turning my food into energy, but after maybe three visits I went home and noticed that I was able to tolerate food much better and had enough energy to exercise for the first time in ages!! I’ve even been able to start some of my old exercise routine since I first started going to Back N Balance.

These words cannot adequately express the gratefulness that is in my heart for giving me my life back. I have more work to do to fully recover, but I know with every appointment I get a little better and more than that, I have hope again that I can recover.

I hope this letter helps someone else out there get the help they need. I didn’t think anything could help me and I can’t believe how much functional neurology has. Thank you to the wonderful Back N Balance staff for all your help.


Jacqlyn Smith

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