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About Chiro

Our approach to wellness is from a holistic perspective with emphasis on natural health care and reliance on the body's ability to self heal. When stress has caused discomfort, distress or disease, chiropractic and wellness care look at three areas of stress: physical, toxic and emotional stress.

Physical Stress:
While physical stressors, such as lifting strain, falls and other accidents can cause a misalignment or subluxation, the MOST PREVALENT PHYSICAL STRESSOR IN THE US TODAY IS LACK OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

Toxic Stress:
Chemical or toxic stressors are the least understood or considered of the three stressors. Most people are totally unaware that we are exposed to approximately 82,000 (eighty two thousand) chemicals in a typical week. Even our mattresses are toxic. If you sleep on a mattress that has a flame retardant on it, it's toxic. It's derived from boric acid (yes, the roach killer) and arsenic.

Emotional Stress:
This stress can cause chemical changes in the body that make us susceptible to headaches, allergic reactions, digestive problems and fatigue. Stress is so pervasive in our daily lives and at work that stress management programs, relaxation and meditation training are often a necessary and welcomed part of a wellness plan.